Rachel Phipps, Project Specialist

Get to know Rachel and you get to know a person who openly thrives in an environment that encourages play, embraces vulnerability, and relies heavily on the power of trust and human connection to increase confidence. These wonderful qualities permeate through all aspects of Rachel’s life, but none more evident than when she partakes in a partner form of yoga called AcroYoga. AcroYoga—translated to mean “Highest Union”— involves three people working together to form a base, a flyer, and a spotter. To help imagine what this looks like, think back to childhood: Your dad/uncle/brother is on his back with his legs in the air and his feet to your belly, his hands clasped around yours while you fly above him, pretending to be a superhero, or an airplane, or an exotic bird; and you are having a spectacular time. Back to now, and think adults working together on intricate poses while being balanced by another person in a similar fashion. They are also having a spectacular time! In her off hours, if Rachel isn’t practicing or teaching ArcoYoga, she is likely in the midst of some other activity, say biking, walking, or working out.

Rachel also stays active at INTERSOURCE as an integral part of the production team. She balances (as she’s prone to do) all her contributions to INTERSOURCE by incorporating the many qualities she’s honed so well through her active lifestyle: give and receive; support and be supported; utilize equal parts strength and equal parts sensitivity.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and experience working within the industry, including a local design/build company where she gained vast knowledge and inspiration, and later at a large corporation where she learned what she did and did not want to do, Rachel is well-equip to support INTERSOURCE (base) as it helps elevate the design community (flyer), all while being encouraged by the community at large (spotter).  And while interacting to expertly form this trusted “highest union”, we hope all will have a spectacular time!

  • Year started in industry: 2012
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2017

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