Ben Stoner, Account Director

There is a kind of freedom, as well as delightful amnesia from real world obligations, when Ben climbs on his motorcycle and hits the open road, exploring areas such as the sprawling North Shore, or the vast Wisconsin countryside, his good friends riding near him and his camera nearer still. For Ben, there are few things as gratifying as the feel of fresh air, camaraderie, a rumbling of engines, and an uncharted route—because ultimately it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

Not that he doesn’t love getting back home again, because he does! Ben is married to his perfect match. She shares his wanderlust and love of photography, but they also complement each other nicely: she makes the plans and Ben fixes them if they should break.

Because Ben is that guy. Happy to roll with life as it comes. With a triple major from the University of Minnesota Duluth in Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology and a minor in French, Ben settled back in Minneapolis and began working as a Design Consultant for a stone company. Knowing life is also about relationship, he soon discovered that forming strong business relationships with designers and builders, assisting them with creative solutions, was something he was not only good at, but relished. And now that his career has twisted and turned in the direction of INTERSOURCE, he is a welcome gust of fresh air to all who get the pleasure of working alongside him.

  • Year started in industry: 2006
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2018

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