Becky Hoyne, Account Director

Becky 960

Becky grew up having to dispel the rumors that would follow her from town to town each time anyone heard she was from Alaska. No, she was not born in an igloo. A serviceman’s daughter, she spent the first 13 years of her life moving from Alaska to Nebraska, New York, England, and Morocco until finally settling in to Minnesota for good. Learning early on to make the best of her surroundings, she decided to get a degree in Interior Design.

Gradually shifting her career to the flooring industry, Becky joined INTERSOURCE in 2002 with over 20 years of commercial and residential sales experience. She brings a strong emphasis on project management and value engineering, and a personal motto: work hard, be honest, and try not to worry.

She enjoys having persevered through many of life’s hurdles, especially the raising of children. Now she delights in sitting back and watching her son and daughter become wonderful, functional human beings with budding families of their own. Becky loves gardening, hiking, boating, and fishing, but this is not to say she likes roughing it; Give her a cabin with amenities, or give her nothing at all; A dome-shaped dwelling built from blocks of packed snow would definitely not cut it.

  • Year started in industry: 1977
  • Year started at INTERSOURCE: 2002

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