INTERSOURCE, a love story

January 16th, 2013 marked the 17th anniversary of INTERSOURCE, the day two high school sweet hearts finally realized the implications of a heart-shaped candy given so many years ago: “You Floor Me!” it read – or at least it’s conceivable they gave one saying that, along with “Be Mine”, “U R Cute”, and “XOXO”. 

17 years ago, with baby in belly, INTERSOURCE was born in the basement of Eric and Nancy’s then Bryn Mawr home. (Their first-born daughter arrived four months later…in a hospital.) With two infants – one a baby, one a company – they settled in for the long-haul.  All these years later, INTERSOURCE has grown into a twelve-person team located in International Market Square and their family into a busy house-hold with two teenaged daughters and an unflappable blue-eyed husky. The parallels of business ownership and parenthood have not gone unnoticed: the exhilaration, the sleepless nights, the protectiveness, the teachable moments, the unexpected lessons, the learning to let-go while keeping boundaries intact. Through the ups and downs, Eric and Nancy find themselves, 17 years into this life-changing commitment, filled with deep pride and, even more so, grateful hearts for all those who have helped them along the way.

Unfortunately, we are saying goodbye to Cassie White who has been an excellent support person for the team. Life has a way of pulling you back by your roots and so it is for Cassie. She is returning to her hometown in Des Moines, IA. She will be missed, but we wish her all the best in all that awaits her back home.

As we carefully select the right support person to replace Cassie, please feel free to pass on our name to any candidates you feel would be great contributors to our company. Adding someone new to the team is always a thoughtful process and always a bit of a gamble; but on the other hand, it can end up a perfect match.

Speaking of gambling, not that they are the gambling types, but Eric and Nancy recently took to Vegas for a two-part escapade. No, not to try their hand at Black Jack followed by a bender at the slot machines, but to follow-through on a bet they placed last year when they became exclusive members of International Design Guild (IDG), a robust luxury floor covering alliance that offers programs to members including access to exclusive products, benefits of collective buying, and excellent operational tools; the second part of their trip was attending Surfaces, an annual floor covering industry-wide event bringing together buyers and sellers from across the globe to network, learn and explore new product.

Some highlights of both events:


  • The design trend for a pattern/motif this year is the chevron, (think zigzags).
  • Grays are hot, as are whites; although white is often a little scary for us Minnesotans!
  • Chinese floor covering resources are continuing to expand into our marketplace.
  • In an effort to reduce costs, some high-end woven carpet mills have turned to an improved printing process as opposed to exclusively weaving their material and are manufacturing poly, poly/wool or nylon/wool blends where historically they only produced 100% wool.

The IDG summit

  • As newbies to the program, Eric and Nancy were able to reconnect with fellow newcomers, specifically two brothers from Santa Barbara with a similar business model. Eric and Nancy enjoyed comparing notes with Justin and Michael of AC Ramirez, Inc. on their first year as guild members, as well as networking with long-standing members who graciously shared their knowledge. INTERSOURCE garnered a wealth of information from their insights and experiences and looks forward to putting relevant ideas in to place in 2013, promising to make it a stand-out year!
  • An introduction to an exciting new spokesperson for IDG, Mark Brunetz. Mark is an Emmy award-winning co-host of Style Network’s “Clean House”. As a talented designer, author and speaker, Mark brings immediacy to IDG which is amplified by his visibility, commitment to excellence, and his enthusiasm. 
  • Mark interviewed ASID national president Barbara Marini. Eric and Nancy were struck by her passion for interior design and its impact on the human experience. They were also impressed by ASID’s commitment to further developing relationships in the global market. ASID’s efforts to partner with IDG reinforced the value of INTERSOURCE’s affiliation with the guild as well as further revealing the breadth of those invested in its success.
  • Excellent new improvements to the IDG website are on the horizon, providing user friendly resources for members and clients alike. Please stay tuned, it should prove to be a valuable tool.
  • Many exciting new Dabbieri introductions coming to our showroom over the coming months; the current count of expected arrivals is 845 samples – all available to check-out from our showroom for your added convenience!
  • An exciting contest for Designers soon to be revealed! Here’s a teaser: A 20K Grand prize will be rewarded to a charity of your choice, and if that’s not enough, great PR for your business! More info will be rolled-out soon. In the interim, please Like Us on Facebook, or Follow Us on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Due to INTERSOURCE’s stellar staff, colleagues, wonderful installers, vendors, and clients, Eric and Nancy are feeling the love and looking forward to another 17 years! 

Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you!